Sunday School


  The Sunday School at Stamford United is under the guidance and support  of Paisley Janvary Pool and the Christian Education and Development  Committee of The Council.  Our Sunday School program runs from early  fall through to the spring with our own curriculum. The children, adult  Bible study and Sunday morning worship all follow the same monthly  theme. Junior Congregation, for ages 5 and under, continues during  holidays and throughout the summer months.

  All children are  welcome to attend and you may join our program at any time.  There are  teaching classes for all children from age two and up. 

Paisley  teaches the young children while Rev. Cathie Ellarby teaches the older  class. We also have a nursery for infants. We need volunteers  in the  Nursery.  The Sunday School meets during worship service which starts at  10:00 a.m.

   On a typical Sunday morning, the children gather  at the front of the church during the worship service for a story time  with the Minister.  Following the story, the children go downstairs  to  their respective classes for their own program. From time to time the  Sunday School will join the congregation for an intergenerational  worship service or conduct a worship service for the entire congregation  in the sanctuary.

   We endeavour to recognize the children  within their families and community, especially the church community.  Parents are encouraged to get involved and to talk with their children's  teachers about the Sunday School program. 

    The people who teach in the Sunday School are all volunteers.  They are  dedicated and their preparation is appreciated. Older teens are  encouraged to volunteer and develop their leadership skills in this  Christian, supportive setting.