The United Church of Canada officially began in 1925 when many members of three denominations: The Methodists, Presbyterians and Congregationalists came together through an act of Parliament. The United Church declared on its l0th birthday, in 1935, that it was not merely "a united, but a uniting church". In 1968 the members of the Evangelical United Brethren joined The United Church of Canada. Representatives of Stamford United Church participate in the Niagara Horseshoe region of The United Church of Canada. Participation is always welcome. Membership with Stamford Lane United Church is by transfer or Profession of Faith.

Church Union took place on June 10, 1925, and it was then felt that there was a need for a church at South End Ontario, which was to become Stamford Centre. We first met in the Women's Institute Memorial Hall in June of 1925, now known as the Stamford Lions Memorial Hall. Mr. James Depew, former Reeve of Stamford Township, donated a piece of his land for our church and manse. Rev. F. Fydell was appointed Minister, and services were held in the Memorial Hall, along with the Sunday School.  Our church opened on May 22, 1927. In 1933 Mr. Depew installed six stained glass windows in memory of family members. The Christian Education Centre was constructed in 1955, and in 1965 the Mitchell wing was built and dedicated.  The Mitchell family, who were farmers, played an important part in our history.  Mary Mitchell was our organist, Janet was a soloist and Bob was a bass singer and William was the custodian, who gave of their time freely.  The Walcher Pipe Organ was installed in 1966.  New stained glass windows have been dedicated due to the work of the choir, the church women, the former congregation of Saint Paul’s United Church in Chippawa. We also honour the faith story of Morrison Street United with the WWI Honour Roll as well as the wooden cross hung here when the church closed. Rev Harvey Tobey has ministered here since 1996 and we are thankful for all who serve through Stamford United.

Originally a Methodist Church, we can trace our roots back to 1794. The growing home-based worship and fellowship eventually found a home in The Red Meeting House at the corner of Lundy's Lane and Montrose Road. This was followed by The Drummondville Brick Church, on Lundy's Lane near the apex of Drummond Hill (site of the Battle of Lundy's Lane in 1814). A second building, The Red Brick Church was constructed on the site in 1888 with several additions over the years. In 1961, the Building was completed with the construction of a new Sanctuary and Narthex. Lundy's Lane United Church sat upon a part of the battlefield that made up the British lines in the Battle of Lundy’s Lane. Several British casualties were buried there and were found during church construction in the late 1800’s.

Stamford United Church and Lundy's Lane United Church amalgamated on June 7, 2015 at the St. Peter Avenue site. Rev. Harvey Tobey continues to lead this inclusive faith community in Niagara Falls.  Sara Maida-Nicol  lead the Music program that inspires all ages with an extensive music program accompanied by Linda Bruch.  We get together so we can reach out together.